What is The Virtual Village?

The Virtual Village began as the brainchild of Gabriel Higgins and local musician Dale Cole.

Their vision of sharing the city’s musical talents to raise money for displaced service industry workers (like Cole’s own stepdaughter) quickly gathered steam and other key people signed on to assist with the effort.

(from left) Dale Cole, Steve Jones and Joshua Shelton perform at a recent neighborhood drive-through.

In addition to working with local musicians to produce songs, the group presents mobile concerts, bringing music to a neighborhood near you courtesy of the Virtual Village Showboat.

Our strength is an eclectic mix of musicians, artists, local businesses, venue owners, filmmakers, media personalities and activists, all united behind the idea of helping the local community survive the challenges of the global health crisis through music.

Each week we select four local businesses to donate the proceeds from our fundraising efforts. Many restaurants and bars are struggling to survive as a result of this pandemic, and our energies as well as the money we raise are focused on those negatively affected.

Winston-Salem is a unique community that are all honored to share. It’s called the City of Arts and Innovation, not only for our long-standing history in the manufacturing sector during the 20th Century and home to UNCSA, but our abilities to evolve as those manufacturing jobs left our city. Winston-Salem, especially downtown, has rebuilt itself to be a hub for unique businesses with a diverse population being the driving force behind them.

When we as a city come out on the other side of this pandemic, we will reemerge strong because of the people that live here and the love for community that we share.
We love our city and are committed to making life better for all residents.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have something to share.

We are The Virtual Village. Join us! #onecityonelove #WeNotMe